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Pet Door

Are you and your pets ready for a new level of freedom never experienced before? Installing a pet door into any application within your home will grant you and your pet the freedom you both deserve. Uncover a new and less anxious layer of your pet’s personality and save yourself from unnecessary interruptions throughout your day!

#1 Texas Pet Door Installation

Pet Doors of Denton is the #1 Texas Pet Door Installation Company. We believe in Respect, Integrity, Customer Focus and Having Fun in The Process! We have installed thousands of pet doors all across Texas and are proud of the long-lasting relationships we have built with our customers and their pets. Your freedom is only one call or click away!

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Available Pet Door Models

We offer a wide variety of different pet door models compatible with installation through any application in your home (doors, walls, in-glass, screens, and screen enclosures). All of the pet doors we offer are manufactured by Security Boss Manufacturing, the worlds leading pet door manufacturer. All products are backed with a 6-year comprehensive warranty and are 100% maintainable for life making this pet door potentially the first you’ve purchased but definitely the last!

Most Popular Models

Screen Pet Door

The only low profile screen pet door designed specifically for sliding screen doors.

Most Popular

The MaxSeal Pro

The new cutting-edge redesign of the MaxSeal offers dual hinged flaps and a 1" thick insulated metal clad security panel.

The MaxSeal

The original in superior pet door performance with dual flaps and an impact-resistant security panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my pet door keep out the weather?

    The pet door models we offer for all different residential installations are designed to perform with superior weather sealing and insulating abilities due to the premium vinyl flap material, the various magnetic contact points, and dense pile brush weather stripping. These pet doors will keep out the elements (wind, rain, debris) and protect the climate inside your home from the climate outside.

  • Will I have to replace flaps and parts every year for my dog door?

    Regular maintenance of a pet door is determined by geographical location, climate, number of pets, and frequency of use by pets. In the Texas climate and home with 1-3 pets using the pet door, maintenance (flaps and weather stripping) may be replaced on average between every 18 – 24 months but could be longer depending on how often you clean the pet door which we recommend monthly to bi-monthly using Green Paw Pet Door Cleaner (ask us about Green Paw Cleaner)

  • Are there custom sizes and various color options available?

    Most of the pet door models we offer feature 2 – 5 color options, 4 – 10 different sizes, and custom sizes are available. These different available variations allow you to pick the best size pet door for your pet and chosen application while matching your home’s interior and/or exterior.

  • Are pet doors secure?

    Security Boss Manufacturing, hints the name, is the leading pet door manufacturer for three main reasons. They make the best sealing, best insulating, and most secure pet doors available on the market. Some models are more rugged and secure than others offering different levels of security. Be sure to ask us which one is best for you based on your concerns.

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    We offer three different in-glass pet door models manufactured by Security Boss Manufacturing, the world’s leading pet door supplier. Security Boss’s unrivaled pet door product lines are the best sealing, best insulating, and most secure! All products are backed with a 6-year comprehensive warranty and are 100% maintainable for life making this your potentially first but definitely last pet door purchase!

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